Effective negotiation technique?

Come on Apple, think your policies through and for fuck’s sake get your app approval scenario together.

Some dude from the Nine Inch Nails (a US band) rants online about his, um, “displeasure” at Apple for refusing to approve his iPhone app due to “objectional content”. You’ve gotta love the negotiation strategy. Like Apple cares.

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patient zero?

In less than a week, I head off to Seattle for work. Coming back could be fun:

Heath Authorities Tested By Swine Flu False Alarm

Health authorities swung into action in Surabaya on Tuesday night, fearing a migrant worker returning home from Hong Kong had come down with Indonesia’s first case of swine flu.

The woman, originally from Banyuwangi, East Java, set off alarm bells at Juanda International Airport when scanners recorded her temperature as exceeding 38 degrees Celsius. While the woman was isolated, airport authorities began taking the temperatures of fellow travelers aboard the Cathay Pacific flight to anticipate the transmission of the virus.

Acting on reports from the airport, Dr. Soetomo General Hospital in Surabaya dispatched an ambulance to pick up the patient, identified only as SN, at around midnight. During six hours of testing in an isolation room, the doctors conducted a number of procedures, including a polymerase chain reaction to identify the DNA of any potential virus.

“Further examination revealed that SN had not been infected with the H1N1 virus. She only had the common flu, not swine flu as we earlier suspected,” said Slamet R. Yuwono, director of Dr. Soetomo General Hospital.

SN was discharged and allowed to go home at around 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

Sounds miserable!

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ockers to get the pre in august?

Struth! I might need to pop down and grab one!

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back to the election…

It’s nice to see the Demokrats back in the lead (not that there was any doubt), with just under 20% of the KPU’s manual count. The mudslinging is well and truly underway, with Kalla firing on all cylinders.

I’m not sure where he’s headed with this one, though:

Golkar had saved the face of the PD and incumbent President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) many times by acting as a “bumper” by announcing unpopular policies, such as the decision to raise fuel prices.

If it’s true (which is probably is), then so what? That’s how politics works. What’s more, it worked! SBY started this game an underdog with 7% of the vote. He tripled that and is will soon control a significant chunk of the DPR. Well done, Mr President!

Snivelling and whining about “unfair politics” is pathetic. Grow some! 

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imagine an apple tablet?

The rumour mill over at Wired is getting a little crazy, to the point that the latest case for a super-sized iPhone don’t even make sense:

Imagine… a screen two to four times the size of the iPhone’s 3.5-inch (2″ x 3″) screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, the ability to run software from the App Store and a full web browser.

Um, in other words a Newton? So what exactly would you use this mega-iPhone for:

The usefulness of a device like that would instantly trump that of [the Kindle], even if the battery life is poor and the screen less readable than an e-ink screen. That’s because a simple, easy-to-use tablet would be able to do anything the e-book reader could (display the text of books using an app like Stanza, which Amazon recently acquired) plus it would have access to 40,000 apps and billions of web pages. Its screen would be able to display color, and it would undoubtedly let you access e-mail, IM and other apps that people want.

Wow, a blurry screen and a 30 minute battery; that would be so much better than the Kindle! Nevermind that I wouldn’t be surprised if the next generation of the Kindle has a colour screen and wifi. But let’s humour the good guys at Wired. Tell us, who exactly is going to use this mega-iPhone:

Make no mistake: There are many more people who would be interested in a general-purpose tablet than in an e-book reader. Sure, the majority of them would probably use it to download bikini photos of Evangeline Lilly while watching Lost on the big screen instead of re-reading Proust.

Oohh, I get it: the target market it nerdy geeks stuck in the 1990s.

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supreme wanker of the week award

It doesn’t get any better than this:

I’m quite the rebel nowadays for not Twittering. I prefer seeing my friends. They’re all here [at the premiere of 17 Again] tonight, so they know my status.

- Zac Effron in People magazine.

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antasari and the (stupid) assassin

Hands up those who think the Police case against KPK boss Antasari looks pretty dodgy. Quite apart from the flimsy Mills & Boon menage-a-trois motive, I hope the Police have more to go on than the word of a hired gunmen so clueless that he didn’t think to use fake licence plates:

Police nabbed [the gunman] Heri after finding a witness who identified his motorcycle by its license plate number. Police say that after being detained, Heri confessed to shooting Nasrudin.

- The Jakarta Globe, 5 May 2009

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opportunism, dignity and self-respect

One principal factor will be put to the test: whether parties choose to keep their dignity and sacrifice the opportunity to gain power, for the sake of their own self-respect, or choose to sacrifice their own principles for any opportunity to gain power at any cost.

Nicely said. by Ignas Kleden, chairman of the Indonesian Community for Democracy in today’s Post.

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jakarta post spreads hysteria

I know I am going on and on (and on and on and on) about this, but… Not content with printing mis-information and contradictory stories (just check out Saturday’s Post), the editors at The Jakarta Post have resorted to sensational misleading headlines:

Buleleng slow to respond to possible swine flu outbreak

Alit Kartarahardja, The Jakarta Post, Singaraja, Sat, 05/02/2009 10:41 PM, Bali

The Buleleng administration has been criticized for its slow response to the possible outbreak of swine flu in the regency.

The ‘criticism’, which comes from Bali pork traders, is that the administration has not provided “accurate information about the swine flu and the types of healthy meat that we can sell to the people”.

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virus kills billions (of brain cells)

The ‘moron virus’ continues to spread at an alarming rate through the world’s governments. In New Zealand, a government minister is in self imposed quarantine after catching a cold, the Maori hongi is ‘banned’ and sobering Catholics are denied their communion wine. Across the Tasman, Queensland health authorities advised people to stock up on canned food (except spam, of course).

Scientists trying to figure out why the ‘moron virus’ has spread at such an alarming rate have identified the probable cause. The ‘moron virus’ infection rate is approximately 1 in 1,000 people exposed to the virus, or 0.1%. Initial tests indicate that government officials are extremely succeptible to infection, with an average infection rate of 1 in 2 (50%), increasing to 1 in 1 (100%) with senior government officials.

Alarmingly, the mortality rate is also much higher with senior government officials, particularly ministers. According to experts, the likelihood of an infected minister recovering any brain cells is negligible.

The WHO is now calling for a worldwide cull of all government officials above mail boy level.

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